On 24. October we have officially inaugurated our new Cyber-Defence Campus office in Zurich. At the centre of the inauguration stood the connection of all three CYD Campus locations in Thun, Zurich and Lausanne through the SCION network provided by Swisscom, Sunrise GmbH, SWITCH and Anapaya Systems.

Renowned speakers such as Toni Eder, Secretary General of the DDPS (Generalsekretariat GS-VBS), Dr. Thomas Rothacher, Head of armasuisse Wissenschaft und Technologie (Bundesamt für Rüstung armasuisse) and Deputy National Armaments Director, Prof. Lothar Thiele, Delegate for Digital Transformation ETH Zürich, Prof. Adrian Perrig, inventor of the SCION technology, Martin Bosshardt, CEO Anapaya Systems as well as Dr. Vincent Lenders, Head of the CYD Campus provided our community with captivating speeches and underlined the importance of an innovative ecosystem for cyberdefence. 👩‍💻

The new premises will bring together experts from the public administration with academia and industry under one roof to tackle the latest challenges in cyberdefence.