The CYD Campus forms the link between industry and the Swiss Federal Government in cyber research and innovation. Companies with innovative solutions are encouraged to test their ideas and technologies with our support. This happens in our cyber innovation labs or directly on the field.

We offer partnerships to collaborate with established companies or startups. These partnerships are established in the form of public-private partnerships (PPP). In this model, both the company and the CYD Campus invest an equal amount of resources to achieve a common objective. The partners benefit in sharing expertise, data, office space, or access to lab infrastructrures and by accelerating their developments. Around ten companies have successfully entered into a PPP partnership since 2019.

We provide a platform for young enterprises (startup) to demonstrate their technology to potential users from the defence and security sector. To this end, we organise every year a cyber startup challenge on a specfic problem that is relevant to the Swiss Armed Forces or a civil security organisation. The winning startup receives up to CHF 100,000.- to implement a proof-of-concept within a year. Since 2020, over hundred of startups have participated wordwide in our challenges and three startups were awarded. Our next startup challenge will be announced soon on this page.

To test and demonstrate new cyber technologies, we commision companies and develop with them proof-of-concepts, demonstrators, or minimum viable products. These technolgy developments are part of the innovation or minimize risks in defence procurement.