Specialists in Cybersecurity and Data Science are scarce in Switzerland as well as in many other countries. The promotion, training and recruiting of new cyber talents as well as existing specialists is therefore a major challenge and one of the three key tasks of the CYD Campus. If you have any questions regarding vacancies, available projects, or our internships, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In order to enhance the cyber expertise of students and professionals, the CYD Campus pursues different approaches:
CYD Campus offers various university internships at all three locations in Zurich, Lausanne and Thun.

Internships in Cyber Security

This is a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field of cyber security. The internship will involve working with a team of experienced professionals in different projects such as network security, vulnerability research or wireless security. The internship will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a career in cyber security.

Internships in Data Science

Interns will gain valuable experience in data analytics, data visualization, predictive modeling, and natural language processing. This is a great opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge in the field of data science. The internship will focus on developing and applying data science techniques to real-world problems. Interns will work on projects to help inform decisions, improve operations, and uncover new insights.

Internships in Technology Monitoring

This internship provides an exciting opportunity to work with experts at the CYD Campus in the field of technology monitoring. You will be involved in research, data analysis, and predictive modeling to capture the latest developments in cyber technology and the related markets.

Internships in Communication

In this internship you will be involved in writing reports and official press releases in the field of cyber security and data science, as well as engaging in digital communication and social media activities to help increase the media reach of the CYD Campus. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in exploring the cyber field and developing communication skills.

CYD Campus employees define and supervise student projects at Bachelor, Master and PhD level. The students conduct their projects on the premises of the CYD Campus at EPFL, ETHZ and at the headquaters in Thun. For more details check out the list of topics.

The CYD Fellowship is a talent program for cyber-defence research. It offers Master Thesis, Doctoral, and distinguished Postdoctoral fellowships to candidates with an outstanding academic and, if applicable, professional track record. This program is highly competitive, and the primary evaluation criterion is excellence, as measured by academic records and professional accomplishments. Candidates applying for a CYD fellowship are expected to have excellent grade transcripts.

The EPFL and the Cyber-Defence (CYD) Campus have jointly launched the brand-new CYD proof-of-concept Fellowships as part of the wider CYD Fellowships programme. A rolling call for applications under this scheme is currently open and talented future entrepreneurs with an innovative vision in cyber-defence are strongly encouraged to apply.

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