We provide an anticipation platform for monitoring the world-wide cyber technology developments and trends. Cyber threats and technologies are evolving fast and capturing the trends is challenging.

A Quantitative and Scientific Approach

While technology monitoring has been historically a manual and qualitative process, we leverage recent advances in big data and artificial intelligence to develop a more quantitative approach based on open data and scientific methods.

Technology and Market Monitoring Platform

Our appraoch is based on a technology and market monitoring platform that we continuously develop and improve ourselves with various partners from the industry and academia. Our platform continuously scans dozens of different open and closed data sources and provides aggregated insights to our technology analysists which combine these insights with their experience from research and scouting activities. Using predictive methods, we can even predict trends and thus provide a knowledge advantage to our stakeholders.

Actionable Technology Intelligence

Our technology monitoring provides actionable intelligence to various types of decision makers including stakeholders in:

  • Defence
  • Cyber Security
  • Security Policy
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Management