We test the security of digital products and networked infrastructures that are being procured for highly critical applications at the federal government. The increasing digitalization of the civil and military part of the government leads to a steadily growing cyber risk to our society. Switzerland’s security and independence are particularly in danger when insecure cyber-physical components are used in critical infrastructures. Independent, in-depth security testing of critical infrastructures and their components is therefore what we do.

Scientific, Independent, Competent and Trusted

We are the go-to partner for various testing services including:

  • Security Analysis
  • Pentration Testing
  • Exploit Development
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Vulnerability Research
  • Review of Security Concepts and Architectures

Our testing capabilities and expertise are based on our cutting-edge research, hackathons and our unique laboratories for hands-on experimentation. We test and find regularily security vulnerabilities in

  • Windows Platforms
  • Linux Platforms
  • Web Applications
  • Middlewares
  • Computer Networks
  • VPN Technologies and Crypto Solutions
  • Command and Control Information Systems
  • Drones
  • Vehicles
  • Wireless Communication Systems (Language and Data)
  • Aviation and Satellite Communication Systems
  • Artifical Intelligence systems