We identify new technologies and companies in Switzerland and abroad that meet the requirements of the Federal administration through an international scouting. This activity is primarily aimed at finding emerging companies (startups), but sometimes also established companies that are developing innovative products are considered.

A partner network with institutions such as Swissnex, Swisscom Outpost, PlugandPlay, startup accelerators venture capital firms, as well as Embassies support us to systematically scan the international cyber markets for emerging technologies. From a geographical perspective, the focus is on regions with high-performing startup ecosystems.

Among them are:

  • Switzerland CH: Trust Valley, Crypto Valley and Inno-space Zurich in Switzerland
  • United States US: Metropolitan areas in the USA around Silicon Valley, Washington DC, Boston, New York, Seattle, and Austin
  • Isreal IL: The Israel startup ecosystem
  • United Kingdom GB: UK with it renowned universities and a large defence budget contributing to the startup scene
  • France FR: The Pôle d’excellence Cyber in Rennes promoting work in cyber security in France
  • Germany DE: Germany with organizations such as the Institute for Cyber Defence at the Bundeswehr University Munich
  • Estonia EE: Tallinn, hosting NATO’s CCDCOE as well as a city with a high level of digitization
  • Singapore SG: Singapore with one of the highest per capita defence expenditures in the world