Empowering Innovation in Defence

The CYD Campus promotes a culture of innovation that brings proven startup methods to the public administration. We are doing everything we can to make our armed forces digitally innovative and our country digitally secure for the future. We see ourselves as an agile innovation force that brings technology innovation quickly to the field.

Innovation Requires New Processes

The time it takes for innovations to spread is getting shorter. It took the telephone 50 years to reach a penetration rate of over 70% in the population. The cell phone only took about five years. This requires faster processes. But the existing structures and processes at many organisations are not made for this.

The CYD Campus is organized as an innovation hub that can try things out quickly. What works gets transfered to the public administration. And if the new innovations fail, at least they failed early and cost only little money.

Our innovation vehicles are in the form of:

  • Challenges: solution finding through open competitions (e.g. startup challenges)
  • Boosters: acceleration of solution development
  • Idea labs: collaborative solution development e.g., hackathons, startup jams
  • Sandboxes: e.g., testing solutions in cyberdefence exercises
  • Test runs: testing solutions in a testbed