Our team is our core. Our team consists of security researchers, cyber specialists, data scientists, machine learning experts, pentesters, and white hat hackers. In addition, more than thirty students, partners and associated fellows work at the Campus.

Executive Team

Dr. Vincent Lenders

Executive Director

Stefan Engel

Head of Business Development

Dr. Gérôme Bovet

Head of Data Science

Dr. Bernhard Tellenbach

Head of Cyber Security

Giorgio Tresoldi

Head of International Relations and Scouting

Dr. Colin Barschel

Head of Innovation and Industry Collaborations

Dr. Alain Mermoud

Head of Technology Monitoring

Monia Khelifi

Assistance Management


Dr. Martin Strohmeier

Cyber Security

Daniel Hulliger

Cyber Security

Damian Pfammatter

Cyber Security

Llorenç Roma

Cyber Security

Dr. Daniel Moser

Cyber Security

Dr. Miguel Keer

Cyber Security

Dr. Roland Meier

Cyber Security

William Blonay

Cyber Security

Dr. Etienne Voutaz

Data science

Dr. Ljiljana Dolamic

Data science

Dr. Albert Blarer

Data science

Dr. Raphael Meier

Data science

Ivo Stragiotti

Data science

Dr. Jonas Liechti

Data science

Dr. Hông Ân Sandlin

Data science

Amina Bouslami

Assistance Lausanne